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Doing some ec2 stuff (webservices) in crontab

Just add those lines in front of your crontab file :   PATH=/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/opt/aws/bin:/home/ec2-user/bin EC2_HOME=/opt/aws/apitools/ec2 JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java

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Missing « publish » button in wordpress

I recently had a small issue with every wordpress blog I host on my dedicated EC2 cluster (Mysql + nginx + php) : The « Publish » button was missing. There only was a « Submit to review » button , but nothing else

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How to count number of new line in a log file per seconds

Here is a good way to count number of new line in a log file per seconds in linux command line   tail -f /var/log/logfile | grep something | perl -e 'while (<>) {$l++;if (time > $e) {$e=time;print "$l\n";$l=0}}'  

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Zend_Service_Amazon : Unknown Country Code

If you’re using Zend Framework 1.1 and specially Zend_Service_Amazon, you already know that this class has not been updated since a lonnnng time. I did a lot of change in it, here is the first : Zend/Service/Amazon.php (line 60) :

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Restart buggy Hamachi

If you have something like : [root@plebidev ~]# hamachi start 11 16:33:53.707 [ 0] [ 2185] tap: connect() failed 2 (No such file or directory)   when you try to launch hamachi daemon, juste type as root : tuncfg

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How to keep an eye on your dev team : CommitMonitor

It’s a very usefull tips I give you today ! CommitMonitor is a great tool that give you every update your team or colleagues make on SVN. It check any of repositories you use, every time you want (ex: every

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How to find your own ip easily / server side

Tiny tips : wget -qO- This could be easily adapted to be well printed, but I’m lazy 😉

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