Zend_Service_Amazon : Unknown Country Code

If you’re using Zend Framework 1.1 and specially Zend_Service_Amazon, you already know that this class has not been updated since a lonnnng time.

I did a lot of change in it, here is the first :

Zend/Service/Amazon.php (line 60) :

protected $_baseUriList = array('US' => 'http://webservices.amazon.com',
 'UK' => 'http://webservices.amazon.co.uk',
 'DE' => 'http://webservices.amazon.de',
 'JP' => 'http://webservices.amazon.co.jp',
 'FR' => 'http://webservices.amazon.fr',
 'CA' => 'http://webservices.amazon.ca',
 'ES' => 'http://webservices.amazon.es',
 'IT' => 'http://webservices.amazon.it');

Just add the two last lines if you want to use spain and italian maketplace

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Restart buggy Hamachi

If you have something like :

[root@plebidev ~]# hamachi start
11 16:33:53.707 [ 0] [ 2185] tap: connect() failed 2 (No such file or directory)


when you try to launch hamachi daemon, juste type as root :

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How to keep an eye on your dev team : CommitMonitor

It’s a very usefull tips I give you today !

CommitMonitor is a great tool that give you every update your team or colleagues make on SVN. It check any of repositories you use, every time you want (ex: every 10 minutes or so ..)

Take  a look :


You can find it there : http://tools.tortoisesvn.net/CommitMonitor.html (for windows only)

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How to find your own ip easily / server side

Tiny tips :

wget -qO- http://checkip.dyndns.com/

This could be easily adapted to be well printed, but I’m lazy 😉

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Get CentOs version

That’s so simple

cat /etc/redhat-release


My pleasure 🙂

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Delete every mail from postqueue/mailq based on a « to: » domain name

Here is the little funy command line

postqueue -p | tail -n +2 | awk 'BEGIN { RS = "" } / .*@hotmail\.com$/ { print $1 }' | tr -d '*!' |postsuper -d -

Where hotmail is the tld you want to delete from the postfix queue

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